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We are looking for talent
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What is talent in Yunbit?

We are looking for people with work capacity and desire to learn

At Yunbit we value skills such ascuriosity, creativity, organization, constant self-learning, adaptability and, especially, the passion for the code.

We look for professionals committed to what they do; that they like that things work and that they find great satisfaction when something that they have created is used by hundreds of people.

If you are self-learning and curious, you like the development so much that you write code at home, you like the complex and you prefer the new to the routine, you can develop all your potential here.

How will it be your day to day

A complex job that is a daily challenge
Yunbit Business Software

Although we use tools and auxiliary resources, we have an own framework that evolves due to market circumstances and the needs of our clients.

The database queries will form part of your day to day; and the search for solutions to the challenges in development will be constant.

Keep in mind that what Yunbit has is a "vitaminized ERP". At Yunbit BusinessCloud our customers can do, for example, from making an invoice to create communication channels with their employees. Only one solution or several, the standard or personalized... everything will depend. what they need, because our job is to help to make their work as efficient and productive as possible.

Your training

What kind of training you need to work with us?

Our team is formed by engineers and technicians. The important thing is to have a good base and know and handle the main technologies that you are going to use; we'll show you the rest. As we just told you, we have our own framework and what we need in a person committed to the product in development.

A product that, by the way, is cloud computing multitenant; you already know that this type of software architecture is the future because of the benefits it brings to the client and to the users.

So, what knowledge or training must you own? PHP, Javascript and MySQL in LAMP environment. In addition, you must have knowledge of HTML and CSS and know Javascript, jQuery and Webservices (REST, XmlRpc, SOAP) and, of course, know how to perform SQL queries.

How to be part of the team?
I'm Junior I'm Senior

You have just finished your studies and want to practice here.

You, your teacher or your center of studies can contact us.

You decide.

You are a professional with five or more years of experience in the areas that we have previously discussed.

You are passionate about the code and you need daily challenges, a team of people that will accompany you in the process and a workplace that allows you some flexibility.

If you like what we have told you, get in touch with us, it is possible that you fit with one of our offers and we want to meet you. Disclosures if we do not respond quickly.

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