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ERP Cloud Computing
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Yunbit Business Software

Multi-tenant Cloud Computing
Yunbit Business Software

Thousands of companies and organizations have switched to the Multi-tenant Cloud Computing model over other, more popular products that quickly become outdated (Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, SAP). The Multi-tenant Cloud Computing model is the way to go to avoid the high maintenance fees, updates or tedious functionality extensions of other ERP software with greater obsolescence.

Yunbit Business Cloud is modular, totally adaptable and flexible ERP platform that can also seamlessly integrate with with other third-party platforms, applications or solutions.

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Cloud Computing Multitenant Software

Maximum efficiency from the source

System improvements are immediately accessible to all customers, many of them at no additional cost.

Multitenant Cloud Computing, it is not cloud computing, it is better. Let's see the competitive differences:

Cloud Computing Cloud Computing Multitenant
Cloud ComputingIn the cloud, always accessible. Cost savings over traditional software: facilities management; purchase and maintenance of servers, backups, restorations, off-site storage, database reorganizations, backup, archive and historical storage; server and software virus protection; software updates and maintenance Cloud Computing Multitenant ALL THE ADVANTAGES OF CLOUD COMPUTING + Software without versions. The improvements in the platform are accessible to all users immediately. Adaptations to current regulations occur at the moment and without the need for human intervention. Improvements are made at no additional cost, many of them can be extended to all users. Greater efficiency in developments, and therefore, in the price of the final product. More functionality at lower cost, all users contribute to the product.

Yunbit Business Platform

Cloud solutions

Yunbit offers you a suite of cloud solutions adapted to the needs and demands of the market. A business management software in constant evolution and development whose differential competitive advantage is sustained by the rapid and constant expansion of functionality.

A software without versions; Being developed in multitenant architecture, the business solutions it offers support constant improvements without added costs for the users of the system.

  • Single web access point
  • Collaborative management and teamwork
  • Full integration with all areas of the organization
  • Management by processes
  • Real-time data and reports
  • User profiles and permissions
  • Modular
  • Flexible
  • Scalable
Yunbit ERP Cloud

Multi-tenant Technology

Multi-tenant Technology

Yunbit's ERP Business Cloud platform is built on a single development nucleus that evolves to meet market demands, which ensures truly evolving maintenance.

Less obsolescence, because constant innovation and progressive software improvements are extendable to all users, simultaneously and with no user intervention required.

No hidden maintenance or update fees, and no time-wasting interruptions required to implement improvements.

Move to the Cloud Computing Multitenant model

What are you waiting for?

Reduce costs in installations, versions, implementations and avoid stoppages in the supply chain. Facilitate growth thanks to the Cloud Computing Multitenant model, which ensures a real evolutionary maintenance of the software according to market demands.

A data model that offers a totally up-to-date and complete view of the business; comprehensive reports and business indicators.

Modular. Everything you need now, in a few months or in a few years

Its modular structure optimizes resources.You will be able to access the modules you need, when you need them; seamlessly integrated, without long implementation and integration processes, and with the correct access definition by professional profiles and adapted to specific needs.

Yunbit Business Cloud, a platform that is adapted to business needs.

A detailed business view

A single web access point that offers all your business information in real-time.

Easily access reports and performance indicators to make decision making, and controlling data and figures simple.

CRM, ERP, WMS, HR, online store, all business-related information is integrated. A complete and accurate business view that promotes efficient strategy making to generate value.

Integration with third-party solutions

If you are already using other market applications, but the rest of the functionality doesn't suit your business needs, their prices are not competitive or the wait-time to implement their improvements slows you down; it's time to look elsewhere.

Yunbit offers a complete business solution platform that is totally adaptable to any company process and can integrate with third-party applications.

Switch to the Multi-tenant Cloud Computing model. What are you waiting for?

It cuts down on installations, new versions, implementations and avoids slowing down the supply chain. Drive growth thanks to the Multi-tenant Cloud Computing model that ensures truly evolving software maintenance to meet market demands.

A data model that offers a comprehensive and up-to-date business view; complete reports and business indicators.

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