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ERP business technology and management

Extremely flexible and customizable ERP business management software
Technological services

Technology consulting, Business Intelligence, R & D & I, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation translated into productivity and efficiency in management. Now more than ever we must be alert to the changes and advances that are taking place in technology; to new trends and new forms of business management, where human intervention will be based on knowledge of the sector and the possibilities of technology.
Count on experts to help you move forward along the way and do not fall behind.

Automation, optimization, BI and Artificial Intelligence

We detect needs to face the change
Automation, optimization, BI and AI

We develop an ERP business management software adopting the latest trends, improved every day, and based on facilitating the work to its users.

We manage to automate certain processes that facilitate forecasting and that can activate other automatic processes from set parameters.

In addition, the technology we use, multitenant cloud computing, allows changes, updates and customizations almost immediately; what offers a differential value before the competition. Because, although you are big, with Yunbit, you will be agile and you will have capacity of reaction.

Your ideal assistant

Automate and interpret
Tu asistente ideal

Human intervention is important, it is the basis, and business knowledge helps to know what we really need. Later we will make the necessary modifications and customizations in the platform so that what we get from it is something that will be important in the daily management.

The system handles important information volumes that it transforms into interpretable and executable data. Information in real time, which generates concrete, exact and relevant business rules.

Tailored training

If you need a program adapted to your company, we designed it.
Please note that these courses can be rewarded through FUNDAE.

In company

If you are one of those who prefer face-to-face training, in a familiar and close environment we offer training in your facilities, in ours or where it is more comfortable to work with your team. We want to fulfill your training objectives because your success is ours.

In company

Sometimes it is more comfortable not to transfer the team of professionals from their facilities; for these cases, tailored webinars are a fantastic option. Adapted technology, experience and fluid communication will facilitate the smooth running of this type of distance training.

Consulting, customization and transformation
Consulting, customization and transformation

We´re tech experts. Talk to us about what you need and we´ll help you.

In order to turn your project into a reality, we need to understand your business and analyze it in order to offer valid options. Yunbit has tech consultants who coordinate and support the process of rolling out the software solutions and management applications implemented. We also have Partners who specialize in certain business areas and sectors who might be closer to your location.

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