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Yunbit CRM

Customer-focused management model that is integrated with all other business processes.
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CRM Cloud Software

A flexible CRM, a complete ERP
Software CRM Cloud

Yunbit CRM software is extremely flexible so as to adapt to the needs of the sales and marketing teams. A CRM that can measure, systematize, analyze and organize efficiently in a simple and automated way.

Yunbit offers much more that a CRM because the modular structure of the Yunbit Business Cloud creates a work environment that extends to every department within the company.

Think ahead... don't let the software you choose today set you back tomorrow.


Customer-focused business management

Use Yunbit CRM to personalize the way the company's CRM strategy is managed. You will be able to manage your customer relationships with a customer-centric view.

  • Sales Force Leads...
    • Accounts and contacts.
    • Leads and sales.
    • Follow-up on tasks and meetings.
    • Object linking.
    • Integrated calendar.
    • Product management.
    • Order management.
    • Predefined templates.
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  • Marketing Action and campaign management....
    • Massive association of candidates and contacts.
    • Web to lead.
    • Email & SMS marketing:
      • Data base segmentation.
      • Schedule mailings.
      • Subscription management.
      • Create newsletters on templates.
      • Ad hoc use of mailing templates.
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  • Customer Service & Support Tickets...
    • Assignments.
    • Customer self-service portal.
    • Reports.
    • Tim-tracking (execution-invoicing).
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  • Additionally... Associated document management...
    • Process integration with Operations and Finance.
    • Able to personalize fields, workflows and associated management processes.
    • Third-party and ETL connection APIs available.
    • Basic reporting:
      • Leads (by status, salesperson, area, etc.).
      • Sales (by salesperson, product, area, etc.).
      • Sales with invoicing.
      • Management views (Candidates and accounts segmented by criteria, campaigns, etc.).
    • Advance reporting:
      • The system allows us to create reports according to each company's specific needs.
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Spec Sheet

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Spec Sheet

What sets us apart from the rest

What Yunbit CRM brings to your organization
Valores diferenciales Yunbit
  • Unified management A unified customer-oriented system involving all departments and areas of business. Synchronization and automation.
  • Customization 100% customizable for teams, businesses and customers. 100% flexible, software that adapts to the business, not the business to the software.
  • Automation Use this tool to manage marketing and communication campaigns, with lead-nurturing strategies, promotions, loyalty campaigns...
  • Integration Able to integrate with any other tool on the market that brings benefits to the business and to the marketing, sales and communication strategy.


Customers who have trusted in Yunbit CRM

Using Yunbit CRM helps to develop and evolve companies? CRM strategies enabling them to offer better customer service and to make the sales team?s day-to-day work more agile and effective.

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