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Yunbit CRM

Customer-focused management model that is integrated with all other business processes
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CRM Cloud Software

A flexible CRM, a complete ERP
Software CRM Cloud

Yunbit CRM software is extremely flexible so as to adapt to the needs of the sales and marketing teams. A CRM that can measure, systematize, analyze and organize efficiently in a simple and automated way.

Yunbit offers much more that a CRM because the modular structure of the Yunbit Business Cloud creates a work environment that extends to every department within the company.

Think ahead... don't let the software you choose today set you back tomorrow.

Key feature

Customer-oriented business management
Sales team management

Sales team management

Manage and monitor your sales team; make strategic decisions in this area by using an efficient work tool that´s accessible to the entire team.

Sales flow management

Sales flow management

Transmit shared goals and be more successful. Yunbit Business Cloud is process-based software which gives teams better control and implication in the company´s development and growth

Activity, opportunity and service management

Activity, opportunity and service management

This software helps maximize your team´s capabilities; streamline sales flows with an extremely flexible tool. Value opportunities to increase sales.

Multi-channel e-commerce

Multi-channel e-commerce

Integrating with eCommerce, ERP or other products allows you to get a complete overall view of what´s happening with your business in order to make real-time decisions.

Customer service and support

Customer service and support

Complete more tasks in less time and stay connected to customers and prospective customers. Maintain centralized customer service with a complete ticket platform.

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Spec Sheet
Automatice con una soluci├│n en l├şnea y centralizada
Automate with a centralized online solution
Real time communication

Yunbit CRM will allow you to be connected with your clients in real time, since you will be able to have a vision of all the actions that have been carried out with the lead or prospect .

Yunbit Business Cloud's solutions will help you control and schedule all activities and tasks in relation to your action protocols for the sales process: from the detection of the opportunity to generate invoice and project follow-up.

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Competitive advantages

Limitless software
Can be fully integrated with other Yunbit Business Software tools Can be fully integrated with other Yunbit Business Software tools Interaction with all other applications will allow you to have more complete information all while working more efficiently and getting more profitability out of your team.
100% online solution 100% online solution A single solution for all processes involving customers or sales contacts. Both sales and administrative teams as well as others associated with the same activity will work with up-to-date real-time information.
Activity analysis Activity analysis In real time, you can view and analyze all activity by your sales team or marketing department as well as the status of opportunities, orders, payments... Plus, it allows you to detect opportunities for improvement given all the information made available.
Strategic customer information Strategic customer information The reports provided by the product or any customized ones requested will offer accurate and solid information for decision-making and support with your business strategy. You´ll have all customer or supplier information in one place.
Management collaboration Management collaboration By sharing information between inter-departmental teams, customers will get a consistent experience and the company´s work will become more efficient. No processes or tasks are repeated which will increase the profitability of your business.
Customers who have trusted in Yunbit CRM

Using Yunbit CRM helps to develop and evolve companies CRM strategies enabling them to offer better customer service and to make the sales teams day-to-day work more agile and effective.

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