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Yunbit offers an application management environment that is grouped by profiles, adapted to any business's day-to-day needs.

Compared to other, better-known products on the market that are more expensive and have greater obsolescence, Yunbit ERP is the optimal choice where price and functionality are concerned.

Limitless, totally scalable and flexible, enabling businesses to grow and adapt to changes in the market. See how by requesting a no-obligation demo and experience just how powerful this software is.


Business management from a single access point that is adapted to your needs

Yunbit ERP can manage every aspect of a business, as well as its operational processes in a simple, personalized way.

  • Customers y suppliers Financial information management....
    • Business activity reporting and detailed list with
      • Issued/received invoices.
      • Loans.
      • Purchase orders.
      • SALES.
      • Tasks/activities.
      • Campaigns.
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  • Purchasing Control of purchases and suppliers...
      • Purchase orders.
      • Product and service management.
      • Cost centers.
    • Pending items
      • Automating purchase order generation.
      • Automating estimate reception, using email parsing or spiders.
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  • Sales Sales orders...
    • Purchase orders.
    • Items, products, services.
    • Pricing lists.
    • Rates.
    • Linked to Yunbit CRM (if acquired).
    • TPV.
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  • Logistics Warehouse: Multiple warehouses...
    • Items: Labels, barcodes, stock...
    • Processes: Reception, location, returns,...
    • Transportation.
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  • Projects & Operations Operation/Project generation by category and typology...
    • Calendar and planner.
    • Team management and time tracking.
    • Deliverables management and tracking.
    • Financial management of product, linked to financial module and automatic invoice issuing notifications.
    • Support/ticketing management system associated to projects
    • Customer service
    • Basic reporting:
      • Project lists: by project manager, delayed, etc.
      • Project monitoring.
      • Results account by project (profitability).
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  • Finances Multi-business, multi-currency...
    • Analytic structuring.
    • Income management and association with projects.
    • Expense management and association with purchase orders and projects.
    • Treasury management: cash flow, collection and payments, agreements, provision, treasury automation...
    • Credit and loan management.
    • Tax and associated model management.
    • Creation and follow up of annual budgets:
      • Budget modeling by different aggregation levels.
      • Budget scenario simulation.
      • Detailed access to items from the actual budget.
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  • Accounting Auto-generated accounting...
    • Chart of accounts creation by tax year.
    • Account assignment for: suppliers, clients, employees, analytic categories, VAT, PIT, treasury accounts, etc.
    • Tax year opening and closing.
    • The system generates the accounting.
    • Manual entries.
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  • Human Resources & People Employee directory management...
    • Recruiting and personal data management (posts, offices, areas/departments, hierarchies, workday).
    • Vacation and paid time-off management.
    • Time and attendance HR reports (Time Sheets) and access control.
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  • Labor Management Social Security...
    • Payroll creation.
    • Access to individual employee payroll data.
    • Payroll linked to finance and accounting.
    • Annual withholding certificates.
    • Model 145 declaration.
    • Contract management.
    • Agreement management.
    • Location.
    • Attendance management (vacation, sick leave, paternal leave).
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  • Warehouse Management System MWS Sales...
    • Orders.
    • Purchasing.
    • RMA.
    • Logistics.
    • Transportation.
    • Product management.
    • Third-party management (customers and suppliers)
    • Finance and accounting management.
    • Notifications.
    • Templates.
    • Barcodes and labels.
    • Reports.
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Spec Sheet

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Spec Sheet

What sets us apart from the rest

What Yunbit ERP brings to your organization
Valores diferenciales Yunbit
  • Funcionality Sales, purchasing, operations, finance, logistics and human resources; total management of all the areas within your company..
  • Evolution Adapting our product constantly to meet new market demands. Multi-tenant Cloud Computing means improvements without updates or tech support.
  • Flexibility Total flexibility and adaption to processes, to the needs of the company and business requirements.
  • Integration Native integration with other Yunbit products, as well as others on the market.


Customers who have trusted in Yunbit ERP

These are some of the customers who have trusted in Yunbit ERP to efficiently manage their businesses. Software that provides a work environment that adapts to the operation processes of each company.

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  • AEF
  • AJE
  • Fundación San Patricio
  • FIUS
  • Divertia
  • Toro y Betolaza
  • Parque Warner
  • Fiapas
  • Fundación Real Madrid
  • Lambdatres
  • Life Abogados
  • Planetah
  • Don Jamón
  • Hazen
  • SD Distribuciones
  • Marly Camino
  • Divenplus


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