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Yunbit offers an application management environment that is grouped by profiles, adapted to any business's day-to-day needs.

Compared to other, better-known products on the market that are more expensive and have greater obsolescence, Yunbit ERP is the optimal choice where price and functionality are concerned.

Limitless, totally scalable and flexible, enabling businesses to grow and adapt to changes in the market. See how by requesting a no-obligation demo and experience just how powerful this software is.

Software features

Yunbit Business Cloud Solution Platform

Yunbit Business Cloud Solution Platform

Yunbit Business Cloud is a platform for cloud solutions that covers all areas, departments and processes of organizations. In this way, and through a collaborative management platform, efficient, complementary, coordinated and profitable workflows are generated that facilitate the development and evolution of any company.

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100% connected applications

Yunbit has a multitude of software solutions and connected functional modules that improve the user experience in access to data and reports. Thanks to its structure, Yunbit's Business Cloud platform generates a unique work environment in which access to information is agile, up-to-date and suitable to the needs of the analysis.

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100% connected applications
Support tailored to your needs

Support tailored to your needs

We believe in collaboration between the parties that carry out work towards a common goal; For this reason, Yunbit offers different types of support that adapt to the budgets and needs of the internal teams of the companies. Having technologists or project managers on the team is not the same as not having one, since the implications of collaboration between customer and supplier will inevitably be different.

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Key feature

A single web access point for all your business processes
Finance and accounting management

Finance and accounting management

Achieve effective finance and accounting management with the multi-functionality required by this area. Automate management and use AI to enhance your success.

Sales and customer management

Sales and customer management

Manage sales by focusing on your customers, gain the visibility your sales team needs to maintain the motivation and competitiveness that stimulates them. Cross-check data and assess results by sales rep, team, product, service or product.

Procurement and inventory control

Procurement and inventory control

Keep control of your procurement and inventory with the simultaneity required to be able to offer your customers quality services. Avoid errors by making the necessary processes requiring no human intervention automatic.

Production management

Production management

Real-time vision of the production management processes for an efficient marketing of your products.

Supply chain management

Supply chain management

A single collaborative platform for the definition, execution and assistance in the management plans of the supply / distribution chain.

Analytics and reports

Analytics and reports

Get the data you need conveniently, have standard reports available and take advantage of the opportunity to generate other specific ones. It´s got all the data. Just say what you need so it can help you make decisions.

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How Yunbit ERP works
Complete, agile and scalable

An ERP management software that covers all business areas, adaptable to the most specific processes of sectors or businesses, native integration with online store, web portal and multi-device. Furthermore, Yunbit ERP is easily integrable with external applications.

Engineered by processes facilitates integrity, streamlines data propagation throughout the system, improves control, and reports data in real time.

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Competitive advantages

Limitless software
Global management Global management You can take advantage of the information and data handled by all areas, avoid duplicate work and thus enhance productivity. All applications are integrated with each other for complete automation.
Process-based design Process-based design Share information with the entire company once you´ve defined the tasks and responsibilities through profiles and user roles. Process-based management is much more efficient and prevents information silos and disconnected data.
Mass loaders Mass loaders Use mass loaders to autonomously manage all sorts of information. Application integration from the very same management platform streamlines data handling and allows all business areas to use the information.
Multi-tenant cloud computing Multi-tenant cloud computing For practical purposes, this technology, which is the most evolutional on the software market, offers you the greatest of benefits: always having the latest version and many of the improvements and new applications and products at no extra cost.
Evolutional, flexible and scalable Evolutional, flexible and scalable Multi-tenant cloud computing technology allows constant software evolutions and adaptations to market and customer needs. The software offers integration with other native applications or other tools on the market so the costs may be adjusted to fit your needs.
Excellent resources available to you Excellent resources available to you Have a wide range of help and self-management resources: mass loader assistants, wikis and training material, webinars, ad-hoc training activities, service packs and constant improvements and evolutions at no extra cost.

Facilitates the success of the organization

Integrated management

The system allows the management and access to information through user profiles, who will be assigned access to the modules and applications necessary for the development of their work.

Simple applications for business management from a single web access point and from any device. Maximize the profitability of your assets with up-to-date information.

Make decisions based on real, up-to-date and relevant data for your business. Receive and send the necessary notices so that your activity does not stop and avoid the loss of opportunities.

Customers who have trusted in Yunbit ERP

These are some of the customers who have trusted in Yunbit ERP to efficiently manage their businesses. Software that provides a work environment that adapts to the operation processes of each company.

Anterior Anterior
  • AEF
  • AJE
  • Fundación San Patricio
  • FIUS
  • Divertia
  • Toro y Betolaza
  • Parque Warner
  • Fiapas
  • Fundación Real Madrid
  • Lambdatres
  • Life Abogados
  • Planetah
  • Don Jamón
  • Hazen
  • SD Distribuciones
  • Marly Camino
  • Divenplus
  • Hermepiel
  • Amai Hana


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