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Yunbit HR

HR, internal communication and talent management
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HR Cloud Software

Labor management, automation and effective communication
Software RRHH Cloud

HR software that helps avoid mistakes and lowers management and logistics costs that are produced by a lack of control and managing large amounts of information. An internal management tool that improves the quality of service offered to employees.

A single web access point to handle and access all the information and manage personnel with personalized access by profiles and using the company's corporate image.

Yunbit HR brings reliability, simplicity and agility to your day-to-day, delivering better management control and more productivity when carrying out tasks.

Yunbit HR solutions

Labor management and payroll

Labor management and payroll

Yunbit offers all the necessary applications to facilitate labor management.

From the management through the payroll and contracts applications; to control presence, management of vacations and leave, compensation days, absences and disciplinary sanctions, management and coordination of medical examinations and events or task management.

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Employee portal

Yunbit's employee portal facilitates labor management as well as internal communication with collaborators and employees. The portal will allow streamline management and improve control of all internal procedures and procedures or for the Administration.

Correct communication, management and ubiquity in the coordination of aspects such as requests for vacations or advances, notifications of cancellations, management of expense reports or various requests, will facilitate the improvement in the treatment to employees and their commitment towards the organization.

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Employee portal
Development: selection, performance and talent

Development: selection, performance and talent

The tools for the development of HR that Yunbit offers are integrated with the rest of the modules and applications of the system to which they affect; Thus, both the selection processes, such as performance evaluation or career or succession plan processes are configured in a simple and integrated way.

The propagation of data is experienced through the rest of the applications and system resources and the generation of reports for decision-making and the anticipation of opportunities or difficulties that we may encounter.

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Key feature

Complete, simple and effective human resources management
Workforce and payroll management

Workforce and payroll management

Get a view of the overall expenditure and/or investments. Integrated with ERP, you can manage all employee, administrative, finance and accounting operations from a single platform or point of access. You´ll be able to see just how productive your team is by cross-checking the right data as per your strategy.

Process automation

Process automation

Simplify workforce management at your company by making most processes automatic like advance payment requests, vacation time, expense reports, training, shared resource management, surveys, performance evaluations, two-way communication.

Employee portal

Employee portal

Employee management through ERP using ECM is done in the most appropriate way for your company or organization as it is designed by you to be in line with your own organization´s corporate image.

Human capital and talent

Human capital and talent

With 100% integrated applications such as recruitment and hiring, training, performance evaluation, talent matrices, job descriptions and career plans, it will have an impact on retention in your team as well as on maintaining and motivating current employees in addition to professional horizontal and vertical movements aimed at efficient human resources management within your company.

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Selection, labor management and talent development
Solutions for all HR areas

Provide your team complete, agile, evolutionary and functional tools to simplify the complexity of HR. Don't let strategic issues complicate management.

Yunbit offers a platform of solutions for the development of Human Capital that favor precise, punctual and exact coordination and communication that improves labor relations.

With Yunbit, you will be able to respond to strategic, organizational, technological challenges and about the digital transformation of the organization.

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Competitive advantages

Integrated with ERP
An all-in-one management and development An all-in-one management and development Since it is natively integrated with ERP, you can get reports to help with proper decision-making and human resources planning.
Complete employee records for all procedures Complete employee records for all procedures Employee records gives you all the information you need on your workforce: from personal data to managing vacation time, absences and disciplinary sanctions, documents that are public (employee portal) and private, evaluations, etc.
Communication and interactivity Communication and interactivity Yunbit HR will enable two-way asynchronous communication with all members of your team. It can make all sorts of processes automatic to generate trust within the team and efficient management internally.
Flexibility Flexibility The applications allow extensive integration flexibility meaning complex, tedious processes become easy and manageable for companies.
Customized content design and management Customized content design and management Communicate in accordance with the company´s goals and its corporate image. Identify key areas of communication so each area may disseminate their own achievements or relevant information for the team.
Customers who have trusted in Yunbit HR

With Yunbit HR our customers have made progress in resource logistics and management, making the time dedicated to this area more productive.

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