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Yunbit WMS

The ERP platform for logistics management
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Maximum flexibility and total adaptability for business success
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Can you picture a warehouse management tool that adapts to the needs of a business and its processes a quickly and efficiently A tool that can be combined and integrated with other ERP tools to retrieve data on efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Yunbit WMS offers a comprehensive warehouse management system that allows businesses to evolve and make progress keeping up with technological and market changes.

Built on highly competitive technology, Yunbit Business Cloud adds value to your business making your day-to-day more profitable.

Yunbit Logistics and Warehouse Solutions

Asset management system - EAM

Asset management system - EAM

Maximize the life cycle of all your assets and optimize costs with a solution 100% integrated with the rest of the company's areas. Take advantage of data and the flow of information to make your daily work more productive.

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Manufacturing management system - MRP

Streamline production or manufacturing processes with a complete and widely flexible solution to the different casuistry of organizations. Take advantage of software system improvements without added costs and with efficient management solutions.

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Manufacturing management system - MRP
Service management system - FSM

Service management system - FSM

Coordinate the effort in what really matters using solutions compatible with your internal processes and objectives. Create flows following a strategy previously established and aligned with the objectives of the organization.

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Key feature

A process-based warehouse management system
Process-based management

Process-based management

Process-based management facilitates everyone´s day-to-day work and provides for more coordinated and organized management, thereby encouraging teamwork.

Complete management from a single access point

Complete management from a single access point

Get rid of all that paperwork and all those obsolete processes and resources that only lead to errors and much more tedious management. Access all data management digitally anytime, anywhere.

Role and profile-based management

Role and profile-based management

Organize tasks and work for your team efficiently so the process designed is agile and simple. Assign responsibilities and offer the necessary information to each professional.

Real-time reports

Real-time reports

Don´t wait for data cross-checking after they´re updated. Get up-to-date data immediately wherever you are. Use them to make data-based decisions.

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Spec Sheet
Logística 4.0 con Yunbit
Logistics 4.0 with Yunbit
Improve processes and technical aspects to make your business profitable

Facilitate and improve the efficiency of the entire supply chain process with an integrated management system, transport management, warehouse management system, integration with hardware (sorter), control, data management and analysis.

Improve the technical aspects of your company by implementing the best technology for your business and human team.

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Competitive advantages

A single access point to control, optimize and manage
Functionality Functionality Enjoy extensive functionality at an unbeatable price. Since it´s multi-tenant cloud computing, the software increases its operability constantly and exponentially.
Scalability Scalability Yunbit Business Cloud is highly flexible and scalable software that allows for customization and changes in any application without excessive costs. Multi-company, multi-language, multi-currency.
Evolution Evolution The evolution of this software is constant due to needs that arise in the market and from our own customers. Take advantage of all the improvements in functionality and quick activation of new applications at no cost.
Integration Integration With all the other native Yunbit applications, you can manage all areas of your business and avoid duplicate tasks and data handling.
Customers who have trusted in Yunbit WMS

Yunbit WMS makes our customers jobs easier by streamlining day-to-day tasks.

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