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Yunbit Business Cloud

Work from where you want and when you want

Yunbit provides cloud computing tools, 100% scalable and customizable. Telework, keep up with any situation.

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Employee Portal

Management, communication and talent development

100% social participation, labor management, process automation. 100% adaptable to any corporate image.

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Yunbit ERP

Drive growth with a totally scalable solution.

Sales, purchasing, operations, finance, logistics. Complete business management from a single web access point. Flexible, adaptable and totally extensible.

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Yunbit WMS

All your business operations on one single management platform

Logistics, projects and operations, accounting, finance, customers and suppliers, HR...

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Yunbit Business Cloud Employee Portal Yunbit ERP Yunbit WMS

Cloud Business Software

ERP software for companies
Cloud Business Software

Complete business management from a single web access point. We develop business applications that are adaptable, flexible and up-to-date with market demands.

Hire based on your needs and manage by areas, profiles and workflows.

  • Real time-based decisions
  • Quick implementation
  • All information and management with all-in-one software
Key advantages
Manage your company with Yunbit Business Cloud

Business Intelligence

Create isolated precise reports based on data from the entire company with analytics and report generation tools. Make decisions by optimizing your reports.


Empower your team to make reliable decisions faster. Get critical information immediately.

Versionless updates

Constant improvements and up-to-date with market demands without updates or versions. Quick activation of new features and applications as needed.

All business areas connected

All business areas, data, information, documents, flows and processes remain connected. Accessible anytime, anywhere.

Modular and scalable software

Organized by user profiles and modules, the applications connect based on the needs of each position, department or organization.

Extremely flexible ERP

Despite the extensive functionality, Yunbit Business Cloud adapts to each company´s complex or specific processes. Take advantage of the power of limitless software.

Role and profile customization

You can define and assign the level of access to information or handling thereof for each employee based on the job performed.

Products and applications

Have one or several products available with extensive functionality and all the applications you need. Access a multitude of tools quickly and easily.

Real-time reports

Tell us what you need to know and we´ll get all the information you need out of the ERP data to facilitate business control and foster decision-making.

Platform administrative autonomy

Autonomously implement the software. We provide you with set-up managers and loaders so you or your team can set up the tool, mass load or modify financial data, items, contacts, companies, rates, images, etc.

What is Yunbit Business Cloud?

Complete business management software that adapts to all types of companies

If the software or tool you´re using has become obsolete or doesn´t meet your needs, Yunbit is your best choice. Process-based, modular software that covers all areas of the company.

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