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Yunbit Business Cloud

Work from where you want and when you want

Yunbit provides cloud computing tools, 100% scalable and customizable. Telework, keep up with any situation.

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Employee Portal

Management, communication and talent development

100% social participation, labor management, process automation. 100% adaptable to any corporate image.

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Yunbit ERP

Drive growth with a totally scalable solution.

Sales, purchasing, operations, finance, logistics. Complete business management from a single web access point. Flexible, adaptable and totally extensible.

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Yunbit WMS

All your business operations on one single management platform

Logistics, projects and operations, accounting, finance, customers and suppliers, HR...

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Yunbit Business Cloud Employee Portal Yunbit ERP Yunbit WMS

Cloud Business Software

Customized business management solutions from one single web access point
Cloud Business Software

At Yunbit, we develop business solutions that are up-to-date, adapted and flexible. Our technology evolves to meet market demands and our work system focuses on the client's needs. Choose your solution.

Configure your software

Modular structure that enables the functionality to adapt to your business

All applications from a single web access point. No new versions, no maintenance fees and no stopping the supply chain for new installations.

What tools do you need?
  • Sales Sales
  • Purchasing Purchasing
  • Operations Operations
  • Finance and accounting Finance and accounting
  • Logistics (WMS) Logistics (WMS)
  • Project management Project management
  • Customer service and support Customer service and support
  • Payroll and labor management Payroll and labor management
  • Human capital and talent Human capital and talent
  • Employee portal Employee portal
  • Marketing and promotions Marketing and promotions
  • Web management Web management
  • Online store management Online store management
  • Surveys Surveys
  • Other/s Other/s
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A business management ERP system for any type of business, in every field.

Yunbit Business Cloud ensures the future of the organization because it it scalable, flexible and 100% customizable. It also adapts to any specific company process and can integrate third-party software.

Developed using Multi-Tenant Cloud Computing technology, with no updates or maintenance fees, it offers more security towards business expansion and company growth.

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Customers who have trusted in us.

Over 15 years of experience in different fields and industries stand behind our service, customized to suit our customers? needs.

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  • MOA BPI Group
  • RoomMate Hotels
  • AJE
  • Fundación Real Madrid
  • FIUS
  • SD Distribuciones
  • Parque Warner
  • Embalajes FONTANET


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