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Yunbit Business Cloud Solution Platform

Yunbit Business Cloud Solution Platform

Yunbit Business Cloud is a platform for cloud solutions that covers all areas, departments and processes of organizations. In this way, and through a collaborative management platform, efficient, complementary, coordinated and profitable workflows are generated that facilitate the development and evolution of any company.

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100% connected applications

Yunbit has a multitude of software solutions and connected functional modules that improve the user experience in access to data and reports. Thanks to its structure, Yunbit's Business Cloud platform generates a unique work environment in which access to information is agile, up-to-date and suitable to the needs of the analysis.

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100% connected applications
Support tailored to your needs

Support tailored to your needs

We believe in collaboration between the parties that carry out work towards a common goal; For this reason, Yunbit offers different types of support that adapt to the budgets and needs of the internal teams of the companies. Having technologists or project managers on the team is not the same as not having one, since the implications of collaboration between customer and supplier will inevitably be different.

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How Yunbit ERP works
Complete, agile and scalable

An ERP management software that covers all business areas, adaptable to the most specific processes of sectors or businesses, native integration with online store, web portal and multi-device. Furthermore, Yunbit ERP is easily integrable with external applications.

Engineered by processes facilitates integrity, streamlines data propagation throughout the system, improves control, and reports data in real time.

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Competitive advantages

Limitless software
Global management Global management You can take advantage of the information and data handled by all areas, avoid duplicate work and thus enhance productivity. All applications are integrated with each other for complete automation.
Process-based design Process-based design Share information with the entire company once you´ve defined the tasks and responsibilities through profiles and user roles. Process-based management is much more efficient and prevents information silos and disconnected data.
Mass loaders Mass loaders Use mass loaders to autonomously manage all sorts of information. Application integration from the very same management platform streamlines data handling and allows all business areas to use the information.
Multi-tenant cloud computing Multi-tenant cloud computing For practical purposes, this technology, which is the most evolutional on the software market, offers you the greatest of benefits: always having the latest version and many of the improvements and new applications and products at no extra cost.
Evolutional, flexible and scalable Evolutional, flexible and scalable Multi-tenant cloud computing technology allows constant software evolutions and adaptations to market and customer needs. The software offers integration with other native applications or other tools on the market so the costs may be adjusted to fit your needs.
Excellent resources available to you Excellent resources available to you Have a wide range of help and self-management resources: mass loader assistants, wikis and training material, webinars, ad-hoc training activities, service packs and constant improvements and evolutions at no extra cost.
Products and Solutions
Discover all the functionality of Yunbit
Yunbit ERP
100% integrated solutions platform. Unified control for the entire business
Hire what you need
Efficiently manage all your company's information and processes in an integrated platform, improving decision making and operational efficiency.
Manage your network of contacts with advanced tools, facilitating effective communication and strengthening business relationships.
Document Manager
Centralize document management with a secure and accessible system, streamlining the search and control of business documentation.
Project management
Plan, execute and monitor projects accurately, ensuring delivery on time and on budget, while maximizing quality and customer satisfaction.
Agendas and Tasks
Organize agendas and assign tasks efficiently, improving team productivity and ensuring objectives are met.
Accounting and Finance
Automate and optimize accounting and financial management, providing accurate reports for a better financial strategy and regulatory compliance.
Boost the sales cycle with advanced management tools, from prospecting to closing, improving the effectiveness of your sales team.
Simplifies and optimizes the purchasing process, from request to receipt of goods, improving negotiations with suppliers and cost management.
Databases and GDPR
Ensures data management and protection in accordance with the RGPD, with systems that guarantee the security and privacy of the information.
Marketing and Communication
Develop and manage effective marketing and communication strategies, increasing the reach and impact of your campaigns.
Ticket Platform
Improve customer service with an efficient ticketing platform, ensuring quick responses and incident tracking.
Quality management
Maintain high quality standards with management tools that allow process monitoring and the implementation of continuous improvements.
Reports and Statistics
Generate detailed reports and statistics for a complete view of business performance, facilitating data-driven decision making.
Yunbit CRM
Customer Relationships Management

Yunbit CRM is a widely flexible software that adapts to the needs of the sales and marketing team. A CRM that allows you to measure, systematize, analyze and organize effectively and in a simple and automated way.

Prospects and clients
Manage and enrich your relationships with prospects and clients from a single place.
Products and services
Organize and manage your catalog of products and services efficiently.
Opportunities and Sales
Boost your sales and improve conversion rates by identifying and managing opportunities.
Marketing campaings
Optimize your marketing campaigns with advanced tools for campaign creation, management and analysis.
Automation and Notices
Automate routine tasks and receive important notifications so you never lose sight of what really matters.
Commercial team
Boost the performance of your sales team with tools that promote collaboration and efficiency.
Agendas and Tasks
Organize your day to day with an agenda and task manager integrated into the CRM.
Project management
Monitor the progress of your projects with dedicated tools within our CRM.
Job Applications
Simplifies the management of work requests, from receipt to assignment and resolution.
Document Repository
Centralize the management of your documents through permissions per user and department.
Yunbit HR
Human Resources Management, internal communication and talent

Human resources software that helps avoid errors and mitigates management and logistics costs caused by lack of control and the handling of a large volume of information; an internal management tool that improves the quality of employee service.

Manage all your employees' information from a single place, making it easy to access and update personal data.
Manage collective agreements efficiently, ensuring compliance with regulations.
Automate the creation and management of employment contracts with customizable templates and integrated management.
Automate payroll calculation and distribution, ensuring accuracy and regulatory compliance.
Digital signature
Simplify the signing of employment documents with our digital signature solution.
Vacations and Permits
Simplifies vacation and leave management, allowing employees to request time off and managers to approve it efficiently.
Temporary Disabilities
Easily manage temporary disabilities by ensuring proper monitoring and replacement management.
Work Day Record
Control the hours worked by each employee with a workday registration system, complying with current legislation.
Remuneration Registry
Maintain a detailed compensation record to ensure transparency and pay equity within your organization.
Extra hours
Accurately monitor and manage overtime in accordance with company policies.
Variables, Incentives and Commissions
Design and manage variable remuneration schemes in a transparent and motivating way for your employees.
Expense Notes
It makes it easy to manage expense notes, allowing employees to easily report expenses and supervisors to quickly approve them.
Work and Shift Calendars
Organize work calendars and shift assignments with flexible tools.
Medical Recognitions
Schedule and manage medical examinations to ensure the well-being and occupational health of your employees.
Task management
Assign and supervise tasks within your team, improving work organization and increasing productivity.
Process automation
Optimize HR processes through automation, reducing time spent on administrative tasks and minimizing errors.
Personalized Internal Notices
Send personalized internal notices to keep your employees informed about relevant news, changes and organizational updates.
Complaints Channel
Facilitates a safe and confidential reporting channel, promoting an ethical work environment free of inappropriate conduct.
Investigation of Events and Accidents
Implements a systematic process for the investigation of workplace events and accidents.
Space Reservation
It allows the reservation of workspaces and meeting rooms digitally, optimizing the use of the company's physical resources.
Presence Control and Personal Situation Record
Monitor attendance and work time with advanced attendance control systems.
Organization Chart, Areas and Positions
Visualize and manage the organizational structure clearly by defining areas, positions and hierarchies.
Manage teleworking policies with tools that allow work flexibility.
Flexible Remuneration
Offers customized flexible compensation plans per employee.
Control and Monitoring of the Equipment
Track team performance and productivity with analytics and reporting tools.
Corporate communication
Generate corporate communications to keep employees informed about business development and growth.
Internal communication
Improves internal communication by facilitating the exchange of information and encouraging collaboration between teams.
Notices and Tasks
Coordinates notices and task assignments efficiently, ensuring all team members are aligned and up to date.
Suggestions and Consultations Area
Promotes a space for employees to share suggestions and ask questions, fostering a collaborative work environment.
Career plans
Develop and manage personalized career plans.
Flexible Remuneration and Benefits Plan
Offers flexible compensation plans and personalized benefits packages, increasing employee satisfaction and retention.
Boost your employees' skills with a training management system.
Streamlines the recruiting process, from posting offers to selecting candidates.
CV Selection and Management
Optimize selection processes with advanced tools for CV management.
Onboarding and Entry/Exit Actions
Manage employee onboarding and exit processes systematically, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition.
Equipment and Uniforms
Controls the distribution of equipment and uniforms, ensuring that all employees have what they need to do their jobs.
Employee portal
Easy access to relevant information, services and personal management tools through a dedicated portal.
Document Management
Centralize and secure HR documents, from policies and procedures to personnel records.
Knowledge Management
Promote the creation, sharing and application of knowledge within your organization.
Reports and Statistics
Generate detailed reports and statistics on various aspects of HR, providing valuable insights for decision making.
Yunbit Web & eCommerce
An ecommerce 100% integrated with your ERP

Web communication and all-in-one online store. Everything you need, now or in the future for online communication, e-commerce or management of your business. Multi-currency, multi-language, multi-company and multi-country; scalable and highly flexible.

Content Manager
Manage the content of your website intuitively with our content manager.
Present your products or services in an attractive way with customizable digital catalogs.
Configuration of Articles, Products and Services
Customize and configure in detail including variants, features and prices.
Stock Management
Maintain control of your inventory in real time with our stock management solution.
Automatic Notices
Automate notifications and alerts to stay informed about critical actions.
Offers and promotions
Create and manage attractive offers and promotions directly from the platform.
Set and manage rates flexibly, allowing the configuration of special prices, discounts and promotions.
Simplify the returns process with an efficient system that manages customer requests.
Integrate a POS solution to facilitate secure in-store and online sales.
Payment Methods
It accepts various forms of payment, from credit and debit cards to electronic payment systems and transfers.
Yunbit WMS
The logistics management ERP platform

Yunbit WMS offers a complete warehouse management system that will allow the business to evolve and advance as quickly as the market and technology do. Improve overall warehouse operational performance by centralizing tasks and automating processes in real time.

Optimize the management of multiple warehouses with real-time visibility.
Precisely manage placements within your warehouses to streamline and optimize inventory organization.
Instantly locate products and materials within your warehouse network.
Maintain precise control of your inventory with real-time updates.
Effectively manage inventory incidents ensuring quick resolution and maintaining quality of service.
Work Orders, Picking, Sorting, Packing
Automate and optimize picking, sorting and packing processes to accelerate work orders and improve shipping accuracy.
Mass Release Management
Implement massive product launches efficiently, coordinating logistics and stock.
Transportation, Pickups and Deliveries
Coordinate and optimize with advanced tools, improving punctuality and customer satisfaction.
Yunbit EAM
Enterprise Asset Management

Plan and optimize the monitoring of activities and information associated with any company asset to predict the status and behavior of the assets.

Maintenance Plans
Schedule and automate preventive and corrective maintenance.
Record and manage interventions in real time, keeping assets in optimal conditions.
Margins, Times and Costs
Control the margins, times and costs associated with each asset, optimizing operational efficiency and business profitability.
Manage the warranties of your assets to ensure their correct operation and reduce maintenance and repair costs.
Maintain a detailed record of asset inventory, facilitating their location, status and availability in real time.
Services, Zones and Transport Companies
Optimizes logistics and distribution through the efficient management of services, operational areas and selection of transportation companies.
Manage asset rental contracts, including terms, conditions and monitoring, to maximize utilization and profitability.
Supply and Material Resources
Ensures the availability of material resources necessary for the optimal functioning of assets.
Management of Human Resources
Coordinates personnel involved in asset management ensuring efficient allocation and appropriate training.
After-sales service
It offers exceptional after-sales service, managing complaints and follow-ups to guarantee customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Yunbit MRP
Material Requirement Planning

Apply your strategy in asset management through correct planning of material needs.

Centralized Data Repository
Centralize all your manufacturing data in a single repository, making it easy to access and make decisions.
Planning of Items, Products and Services
Optimize production planning with advanced tools ensuring efficiency and meeting demand.
Control your inventory in real time, reducing excess stock and avoiding shortages for more efficient management of resources.
Stock Management
Improve your stock management with precise tracking and real-time updates.
Ensure the quality of your products with a detailed inspection system.
Schedule preventive and corrective maintenance of your production equipment, guaranteeing its operability and prolonging its useful life.
Work orders
Automate the creation and management of work orders to improve production coordination and increase operational efficiency.
Trade and sales
Integrates commercial and sales management to align production with market expectations.
Orders management
Optimizes order management from receipt to delivery, improving response times.
Task Coordination
Coordinates tasks and resources efficiently, ensuring that each stage of production is executed on time.
Yunbit FSM
Field Service Management

Optimize the performance of your equipment and ensure operational efficiency. Anticipate and generate expectations that are met in a timely manner so that your business advances and opportunities for improvement are systematically detected.

Projects and Operations
Manages projects and operations effectively, ensuring delivery on time and to specifications.
Inventory and Consumables
Manage your inventory and consumables efficiently, ensuring the availability of the necessary resources for each service.
Work Reports and Time Management
It simplifies the creation of work reports and time management, allowing detailed monitoring of the productivity and efficiency of the service provided.
Calendars, Agendas and Tasks
Organize the agendas and tasks of your field service team with an integrated calendar system, improving coordination and punctuality in interventions.
Protocols and Quality
Ensure compliance with quality protocols and standards in each service, improving customer satisfaction and the reputation of your company.
Customer Support
Improve customer service with an integrated service management system, offering quick responses, efficient follow-up and effective communication.
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