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Totally adapted to meet your customers? needs
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When businesses start to grow they need tools that can support day-to-day tasks and help promote the product or service offered.

Web & eCommerce offers a comprehensive tool platform to manage every aspect of your store, with limitless functionality, at an optimal price.

Other solutions are limited by warehouse management and foreign currencies... or by their own loyalty programs and customer service, which can keep companies from growing.

If you've tried a different solution that is holding you back, don't hesitate to contact us. Many of our customers have come from using more simple and economical solutions that ended up costing them a lot. Yunbit Business Cloud offers a complete business management environment without limits.


Totally adapts to suit your customers' needs.

Easily manage all of you online store content, improving it according to changes in the market or your customers' habits, control the entire purchasing and shipping logistics process. Just one tool for all your needs.

  • Marketing, promotions and tools to improve conversion Related products, up-sells and cross-sells....
    • Promotions by store, category, product, etc.
    • Discount codes by store, date, category, etc.
    • Generate unique codes.
    • Integration with Amazon Marketplace.
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  • Optimization for search engines 100% optimized for search engines....
    • 100% optimized for search engines.
    • SiteMap generation.
    • Search engine friendly URLs.
    • Fully-personalize URLs.
    • Personalize goals by product, category, generic pages, etc.
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  • Store and website management Multi-site, generate several stores, websites, landings page...
    • 100% customizable design.
    • Multi-language, multi-country, multi-currency.
    • Integration with Google and Facebook accounts.
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  • Catalog management Unlimited products and items...
    • Unlimited families and categories.
    • Manage prices assigned to users, groups of users, etc.
    • Manage inventory, purchasing forecast reports based on sales.
    • Integrate with Yunbit ERP native logistics
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  • Catalogs Tailored navigation, different attributes, filters, etc...
    • Customizable searches, product suggestions, etc.
    • Breadcrumbs.
    • Recently-viewed products.
    • Most-searched-for products
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  • Product Multiple images....
    • Zoom in on images.
    • Related products, present up-sells.
    • Integrated stock, ERP, E-commerce, POS, POV.
    • Share by email or on RSS feeds.
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  • Purchases, payments and shipments Save shopping cart and payment options....
    • Gifts and gift cards.
    • Create invoices.
    • Integrate with PayPal,, POVs, Redsys, etc.
    • Integrate with shipping companies, label printing...
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  • Order management Customize the way you assign, group and define shipments...
    • Customize the way you assign, group and define shipments
    • Possible to edit orders, invoices, etc
    • Print labels, invoices, packing slips and shipping labels.
    • Back-end order management and editing.
    • Native integration with Yunbit ERP (finance, accounting, logistics, etc.)
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  • Customer accounts Sign in account dashboard....
    • Unlimited address book.
    • Add comments to wish lists.
    • Order status and history.
    • Wish lists shareable by email.
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  • Customer service Web to case & Tickets...
    • Native integration with Yunbit CRM and other CRMs on an API level. (Salesforce, Dynamics, etc...)
    • Contact form.
    • Create and edit orders from the administrator.
    • Update order emails and accounts.
    • Customize email templates for any transaction.
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  • International support International support...
    • International support: multi-language, multi-currency, multi-country, multi-tax...
    • UTF-8 compatibility with right-to-left text, special symbols...
    • Configure list of allowed countries.
    • VAT validation and tax calculation.
    • Cookie validation.
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  • Reports & Web Analytics Reporting...
    • Reporting
    • Sales, abandoned shopping carts, best viewed products, most searched for, product reviews, best purchased products, low stock reports, coupon use, total sales invoiced, and refunded sales.
    • Integration with web analytics tools (Piwik Analytics, Google Analytics, etc.)
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  • Sales on mobile devices Responsive design...
      • Optimized and quick creation of HTML responsive design templates optimized for any device.
      • Quickly and easily customize designs and templates, to keep up with market needs.
      • Easy maintenance and updating.
      • Benefits from Google for having our website adapted to mobile use.
    • HTML5 (pre-integrated)
      • Pre-defined templates adapted for mobile devices.
      • Fast and simple creation of new front-end templates that allow access to the store from any device.
      • Use of HTML5 technology and support for iPhone, Android and mobile navigators.
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  • Additionally... API support for native applications...
    • API support for native applications.
    • Generate promotions by segment.
    • Generate dynamic rules and related products.
    • Persistent purchasing.
    • Automate marketing.
    • Private sales.
    • Personalized promotions for new customer registrations.
    • Physical gift cards.
    • Loyalty programs.
    • Assign customer credit.
    • Products with serial numbers and SKUs.
    • Manage RMA from the client panel.
    • Import and export. API, TXT, FTP.
    • Pre-defined massive loaders for clients.
    • Possibility of creating approval flows.
    • Parallel preproduction framework for testing prior to production uploading
    • Role and profile management.
    • Read and edit price and promotion permissions.
    • Action logs.
    • Caching and CDN during high transaction periods.
    • Integration with native payment systems.
    • Data encryption.
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Spec Sheet

What sets us apart from the rest

What Web & eCommerce brings to your organization
Valores diferenciales Yunbit
  • Adaptability Yunbit offers a business management platform that adapts to the specific needs of each business. Don?t settle for a standard tool.
  • B2B/B2C A tool that can implement different sales strategies depending on the end consumer, generate interfaces depending on the audience, and integrate with ERP...
  • Integration Native integration with other Yunbit products: CRM, ERP, HR as well as others on the market. All the management, every process, all the data from a single web access point.
  • Flexibility A tool that is 100% flexible and scalable. Multi-coin, multi-country, multi-language, multi-currency, multi-platform.


Customers who have trusted in Web & eCommerce

With Web & eCommerce our customers can enjoy a complete work environment that is adapted to their needs, as well as the needs of their customers and prospects.

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