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Choose the applications you need for optimal functionality and price. A single web access point for all your business management. Versionless, no maintenance costs or downtime in the supply chain for new installations.

Accounting and Finances

Accounting and Finances

Have your information available anytime, anywhere. Up-to-date data to quickly make decisions based on objective criteria. Add the applications you need for your business and connect them to get an impartial global vision.


Keep information on customers, suppliers, creditors... centralized with everything you need to manage whatever you need: contacts, documents, shipments, tasks and events, sales information, financial information, invoices issued and received, projects...

Accounting and Billing

Electronic billing and up-to-date administrative forms You can do analytical accounting to get more information on the status of your company all while preparing and adjusting your strategy. Manual and automatic bank reconciliation, mass invoice modifier, cash flows...


A customer-oriented business management system; all the information on customers, consent, tasks, communications sent, associated campaigns, contact person, opportunities and proposals, billing.


This application enables analytical accounting by managing categories and sub-categories of expenses and items. Annual expenditure and cash flow summary and report.


Via bank cards, PayPal, Bizum, Stripe, bank transfers or Pagantis for online stores.

Automatic notifications

Define the automatic notifications you need for each process: marketing, sales, procurement, warehousing, training, finance...



Manage your business with a vision that focuses on customer satisfaction and efficient prospect management. Adequately coordinate your sales department and take advantage of flows so professionals may proactively participate in other areas of the company

Marketing management

Set up statuses for your marketing actions in accordance with all other processes in the area to unify processes and get a real view of what´s happening.


Manage up to three types of consents; fully track when, where and for what consent was granted. Manage your communications in line with the consent granted using the corresponding filters. Check possible deactivation dates to definitively delete data, etc.


This application allows you to view and analyze all requests for products or services within the organization.


Track and measure captivity and loyalty actions implemented within the organization. Define revenue and expenses, monitor proposals and keep control of documents, the sales team and associated tasks.


View your team´s tasks from any profile you need, all integrated with the projects, campaigns or any other application required by your business processes.

Calendars, Events and Scheduling

This application can help you generate private and public schedules by project or by team. Event dates are highly functional: notification methods, advance notifications, room assignments, the choice to copy to timesheets, associate documents, recurrence and end times as well as guest invitations


Appointment management with an internal scheduling and calendar system. Automatic notifications by email to leaders and attendees. Scheduling management by area, work teams.


You can link rates to customers or suppliers to calculate purchase or sales prices, assigning surcharges on base prices, rules in accordance with quantities and/or time periods as well as exceptions. This enables agile, quick and efficient management.


Integrate all business processes, streamline consent records and monitor several warehouses using completely integrated resources and tools.



Manage projects of any kind and generate flows from them to have general control of important milestones and the necessary automation to foster efficiency in the team involved. Get data on participants (internal, external and customer team), the results, the profitability and make timely decisions,.


Manage your company´s documentation in the way that best suits your processes. Electronic signatures, sign-off processes and one or more signatories. Connect the application to the module you need.


This application allows goal-based or remote work. Projects, tickets and tasks can be associated with pre-determined categories to assess the team´s productivity as well as project profitability.

Digital signatures

Transactional document approval and signatures at the portal from employees, customers, prospects or suppliers through signature flows, signatory assignment and customized email

Warehouses, Manufacturing, Production and Logistics

Warehouses, Manufacturing, Production and Logistics

With Yunbit warehouse, manufacturing and production management applications, you can comprehensively manage items, resources and traceability to be efficient, manage procedures and go paperless.


Define your items from the simplest to the most complex. Organize them by categories, conditions, manufacturers, warranties, prices and rates. A limitless database that will also allow you display them on the website without any duplicities in the information management or data provision.

Materials and resources

Generate lists of materials for easier, faster and more effective management: the quantities to be produced, raw materials, material resources, human resources, production phases and profitability.


Create a GANTT chart showing all the information on dates, human resources, machinery and raw materials. Produce a list of materials to be able to efficiently plan and avoid errors.

Work orders

Efficiently manage work orders: input, output, pick-ups, production, interventions, relocations, inventory, picking, reception, preparation... as part of a comprehensive integrated process.


Validate the optimal stock by defining algorithms for items and monitoring the products that must be purchased to prevent stock ruptures. Get up-to-date activity and item rotation reports immediately. Create warehouses and structure locations to meet your needs and efficiently transfer stock between warehouses.


Plan, manage and control all warehousing and transportation activities; optimize resources as much as possible so you don´t waste any time on unnecessary work and tasks.


Manage several warehouses and location structures and work with your real stock. Automatically recalculate stock and avoid any type of errors.


A manufacturing management system that will allow you to streamline and control the entire process: serial numbers, manufacturers, warranties, taxes, prices and rates and connections to sales or purchase rates, traceability, equivalent code management... the possibility of displaying items on websites as well as creating GANTT charts, an HR and machine calendar; association with customer orders is optional.


The rental application will allow you to exhaustively control and manage rentals, prices, minimum rents, stock control and maintenance milestones and checks.


Manage deliveries by carrier, validate deliveries with digital signatures and generate optimized routes to gain in efficiency and offer high-quality service.

Asset management

Implement and decide upon a strategy for your business taking operations, maintenance and investments into account in order to maximize the value of the lifecycle of physical assets.

Field services

Get onsite reports from technicians and real-time service management monitoring with proper planning and service assignment, route optimization, monitoring assigned tasks, etc.


Manage the maintenance of your products to prevent unnecessary losses or a lack of control. Receive notifications with milestone management to offer your customers high-quality service.


You can manage quality inspections associated with items, suppliers, logistics variables, etc. This application enables the utmost flexibility to adapt to the necessary standards or for customization.

Communication and marketing

Communication and marketing

Get measurable results with all of your tools integrated in a single platform; cross-check information from different areas to define and generate manual or automatic tasks that make you stand out from all the others.


This module will help you carry out marketing campaigns associated with your ERP in order to automate certain major milestones. Email marketing templates, recurrent mailings, campaign activation and results assessment.


Find subscribers for your monthly mailings to increase your sales. Create mailings and databases with contact segmentation for each target and make a good impression on customers and prospective customers. Manage your company´s communications efficiently.


Generate promotions that are adapted to your target or business goals for cart totals, delivery fees, individual products or categories of products.

Help desk and customer service

Lead a ticket platform that´s connected to projects, transactions and repairs. A work system that can capture the necessary information and derive it efficiently by creating notifications, alerts, tasks and other objects for more effective management.


Design surveys for contacts, customers or employees and prepare the necessary flows so they are completed. Make decisions after seeing the results: work climate, performance, customer service...


Personalize and manage your templates to give a professional look to each communication from your company: marketing, sales, logistics, training, human resources, hiring, administration, etc.

Human resources

Human resources

Enjoy a powerful human resources tool that meets all needs in this area. From workforce management to talent development. Use all the information from your ERP to handle complicated procedures, automate necessary ones and offer your employees impeccable communication.


An employee portal, internal communications, payroll, two-way management and employee participation and communication. The functionality associated with this manager will bring you more fluid personnel communication and management: vacation time, advance pay, expense reports...


You´ll have all the information and data in the very application or employee portal so you and your employees can download it whenever it´s needed and comply with all labor laws in effect.

Clock In/Out

From fingerprint or card-based terminals, your Intranet or the employee portal, you´ll be able to access time clock records required by your organization without any extra paperwork or procedures.


A payroll application that´s connected to the ERP which will save you time with cost control and management in addition to making a number of administration and internal processes automatic.


Conduct job analyses and define the skills needed for each one. Use these skills to assess performance, coordinate jobs, hire and even forecast future needs. Set up a skills dictionary and promote skills-based management within your company to improve efficiency.

Performance assessment

Retain talent with accurate, reliable and powerful information from several perspectives and/or several resources: training, interviews, surveys.

Career plans

Designing career plans is a way to encourage talent retention within the company as well as motivate and keep employees happy.


A talent management tool that´s fully integrated with the employee application.


Create external or internal job offers and collect the information needed to automate candidate recruiting, hiring and integration processes.


Take advantage of a complete resume management application covering employees and candidates to quickly get the best professional.


Identify needs and engage in management that adapts to each public administration to be able to extract the information needed for subsidies. Plan annually and meet all requirements for information, communication and motivation for training.

Ecommerce and web

E-commerce and Web

Create online stores, an employee portal, a customer portal or supplier portal with this powerful tool featuring native integration of ERP, WMS, MRP or any other tool, application or product you need. Discover all the choices offered in this area for business.


Design an online store adapted to your needs and integrated with your ERP or other Yunbit applications and products: stock, warehouses, preparations and shipments under control using a single management tool.


Maintain and increase your business revenue with a multi-company, multi-currency, multi-country online store featuring various payment methods. Control your entire business and grow exponentially.


You can integrate your sales channel with the leading service providers on the market: Nacex, Correo Express, UPS and DHL.

Content manager

For websites, e-commerce, employee portals and supplier portals. Generate a high-quality service with the information needed to streamline procedures and foster better handling.

Cookies manager

Have a cookies manager available to report and track cookies as per the legal requirements in effect.

Landings manager

Create landing pages for each campaign and get immediate information on how successful the results are: contacts, downloads, consents.

Payment method manager

Add different payment methods to your e-commerce quickly and easily. No more worrying about costly integrations. Get everything you need inmediately.

Asset and field Service Management

Asset and field Service Management

Manage your assets strategically from the very first day and throughout their useful lives. Offer the best service to your customers with good coordination between field teams, thereby reducing the administrative work and enabling access from any device. Take advantage of the resources to get better results and profitability.


Make sure you have all the documentation and information for better knowledge management within the company and improve the quality of the service. Manage transportation for quick and controlled shipments and deliveries. Plan warehouse work and guarantee the availability of replacement material and purchases.

Maintenance and repair plans

Manage plans for maintenance, repairs, interventions, equipment and work orders for efficient operations.


Link safety protocols, employees courses and any other element that can ensure your company´s success. Generate quality milestones and inspections.

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